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Our Pricing Model

At Urgent Electrical Services, we make sure to provide a fully
transparent pricing policy. In other words, we are always
reasonable. We let everyone see our pricing model.


A Fully Transparent Pricing Policy

We charge by the hour. In accordance to the level of electricians needed for a particular job. We reserve the right to refuse or decline work at our own discretion. It is to the client’s responsibility to make arrangements due to loss of power.

We charge for at least 1 hour in regards to our hourly rate. Yet, we make sure to bill the charges in a 30-minute interval format. In case the work extends this charge rate, the customer’s charged for that period at a higher rate.

In a nutshell, our pricing policies are based on two things:

  • – The cost of materials supplied by our company

  • – The time spent in carrying out the electrician work

Both are charged per hour and are subject to the VAT, parking and congestion fees if applied.

Fixed Price Quotations On Any Work

We provide fixed price quotations in written agreement with every customer.

The fixed price may always revise in case there are extra works not referred to in the estimate. There is an increase in the price of materials, should further works be needed. Also if there is an error with preparing the estimate.

We charge a fixed 1 hour at our hourly rate for site visits. In the event that work starts and upon quotation acceptance, we deduct the charge from the final cost. This is to protect our expertise and not compromise our site visits.

We accept credit card and debit card payments.

At Urgent Electrical Services, we accept payments in cash or via cards. Our list of card providers include:


Fully qualified, certified and affordable electricians

We are the most competent and reliable team to hire and rest assured of the best work efficiency at all times.

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