standard-title Fire Alarm & Emergency Lighting

Fire Alarm & Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting and Fire Alarm Urgent Electrical Services Limited installs, test and maintain emergency lighting and fire alarms in household premises, guest houses, hotels, commercial properties, public buildings and also for the landlord and letting markets.Emergency lighting is required to operate fully automatically and give illumination sufficiently to a high level, to enable all occupants to evacuate the premises safely.  Regular testing of the system is a regulatory requirement.

We offer the following fire alarms and accessories for all homes and businesses: 
● Fire alarm panels and kits
● Fire bells and sounders
● Fire call points
● Battery and mains powered fire alarms
● Wireless, wired and battery smoke detectors
● Carbon monoxide detectors
● Domestic heat and smoke alarms
● Emergency lighting

We adhere to all British standard guidelines to ensure all domestic and commercial properties are fully protected, whilst listening to your individual needs and insuring your requirements are met.
Our starting point is a comprehensive site survey to determine your needs. From there, we will design and install a system that is tailor made for your organisation. We also offer a range of aftercare and maintenance packages to ensure high performance of your emergency lighting and fire alarms.