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Domestic testing and periodic testing needs to be carried out on all domestic homes and buildings, especially if the building has had a lot of previous owners or is a rented property. This is because any damage from new owners, decorating and DIY can affect the safety of your electrics and put you, your family and your home at risk.
If your home has loose wires, damaged wires or wires that are worn down over time then you could be at risk of fires and electric shocks. Your home should be tested at least every 10 years but if your home has had multiple owners or has been rented out then it advisable to do the necessary electrical tests more often. Some mortgage lenders and landlords will insist on getting the electrics tested before any new resident moves in. This is because it can affect your insurance as if the correct domestic testing isn’t done in the required time and there is a fire they may put the responsibility back on you and not pay out. Don’t put your home at risk; contact Urgent Electrical Services Ltd about domestic testing for your home.
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