Different Types of CCTV Cameras and Their Purposes

Posted at 12:09h in Security by Omer Atuf

With the increasing rate of insecurity in various parts of the country today, CCTV cameras have become essential in both businesses and public organisations. There are however, different types of CCTV cameras on the market already with varying features and options, which can be a little confusing to a buyer. For every buyer out there, it is important to know what options are available for various applications and locations in order to make the right choice. Here are the different types of CCTV cameras available today and their purposes:

1. Bullet type CCTV cameras

These are the smaller and cheaper types of cameras to install if you want to capture images in a fixed location, particularly pointing in a specific area. The cameras are usually thin and in a cylindrical design, resembling a rifle bullet and are intended to be wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted. They are best to use for indoor applications though they can be used for outdoor applications as well.

2. Dome CCTV cameras

These are dome-shaped cameras designed for indoor surveillance and security purposes. Their dome-shape housing gives them a low profile though they are easy to spot; therefore people especially clients are assured of their safety especially if used in a business premise. One single camera can be used to cover a wide area.

3. Day/Night CCTV camera

These cameras have the ability to operate in both well-lit and poorly-lit conditions. They do not have infrared illuminators and therefore can capture very clear images and videos in all light conditions, even in darkness. They are best to use in areas that require 24/7 surveillance.

4. HD CCTV cameras

The ultra-high definition cameras are great to use in areas where extreme clarity is needed, say in banks or casinos. They are meant to help the operators see a security threat before it happens, in order to stop it on time.  In banks for instance, they might help identify a client with a hidden agenda before they even commit a crime.

Different Types of CCTV Cameras and Their Purposes

5. C-Mount CCTV Cameras

These are the types of CCTV cameras that feature different types of detachable lenses that can be used for different applications. Instead of using a standard camera that can only cover an area of between 35 and 40 feet, a C-mount camera can use special types of lenses, which can cover a larger area.

6. Wireless CCTV Cameras

These are highly flexible CCTV cameras especially in installation. Some are IP-based while others use alternative modes of wireless transmission.

7. Discreet CCTV cameras

These cameras are very easy to disguise. They can look like anything you want, for instance a fan. They are best to use in situations where you want to monitor the activities of people but you do not want them to be suspicious.

8. Network/IP CCTV cameras

These can be both wireless and hardwired. They capture images and transmit them over the internet. These types of cameras are very easy to install when compared to the analog cameras because they do not require a separate cable or a power boost that sends images over a long distance.

9. Pan-Tilt-Zoom CCTV Cameras

The PTZ cameras are the mobile types of CCTV cameras that can be used in different areas. They come in different variations that are programmable and manually controllable, which allows the operators to use them freely and also control on what can be viewed.

10. Infrared or Night Vision CCTV cameras

These are designed to be used for evening applications. They feature an infrared lighting that surrounds their lenses, which helps them capture clear images at night.


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