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Consumer Unit Installation Nottingham

Consumer unit Installation & Wiring 

The unassuming presence of the electricity consumer unit in your home is a very important safety feature that may save your life. However, a faulty fuse board could also be responsible for a situation where life is lost. Like anything else that we use, it can go wrong or become outdated and it is always a good idea to think about having your consumer unit checked if it has been in place for a long time. 

Consumer unit – A vital part of the home

Apart from being the control center for the electrical function of your home, your consumer unit should always also be able to detect when something is wrong that could be dangerous. In that instance the consumer unit will ‘trip’ cutting off the energy to a problem area of the electrical wiring. But today’s modern technology is capable of more than just the ‘trip’ after a fault is detected. It can offer more – in the form of dual protecting RCD’s, which are fitted to all new fuse boxes. It is impossible to overemphasize the importance of RCD protection in your home.

Consumer unit installation & Wiring Recommendations

It can sometimes be a bit of a shock to a house owner when we have to recommend that they consider upgrading their consumer unit when they are making upgrades to their homes such as installing a new kitchen or any major renovations or upgrading elsewhere. Most kitchen fitters will not fit a new kitchen unless the home has been fitted with RCD. People are often reluctant to consider this electrical work because they’re in a rush to see their house remodeled and additionally it may be an expense that they were not expecting and adding new wallpaper when walls have to be stripped to rewire is another thing they may not have been anticipating.

When is Consumer unit rewiring done?

So how can someone tell when a consumer unit needs to be upgraded? Any consumer unit that does not have an RCD needs an upgrade and it is vitally important you call on someone who is a qualified and registered electrician who will be able to decide on what you need in your home. Consumer units or fuse boxes that have a wooden back will need to be replaced as they were often originally fitted in the 1950s, making them outdated.

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