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Commercial electrical testing is required on commercial buildings for safety and efficiency, after a few years the usage on commercial buildings can be hard wearing on electrical installations and can cause damage and deterioration much quicker than in domestic buildings due to demand.

With more electrical appliances being used in offices, warehouses and other commercial properties it is more important than ever to make sure your electrics are meeting standard regulations. Additional electrical appliances, computers and even microwaves and kettles can put a strain on your electrics when used daily. This can add risk of deterioration of wires and cause loose wiring which can lead to electrical shocks and even electrical fires.

Our Commercial Services include:

• Repairs
• General Lighting
• Emergency Lighting
• Preventative maintenance contracts
• Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)
• Landlords Periodic Inspections

Although depending on your building and the usage we can advise you on the best commercial tests. Commercial tests have to be carried out by a trained electrician who has experience in this type of electrical testing.
Urgent Electrical Services will arrange a convenient schedule to do the testing, as all electrical circuits may need to be switched off, we will try to carry out the tests with as little disruption to your business as possible. Once the test has proven everything to be safe and compliant then you can be safe that your building is not at risk and your insurance will be valid we will provide you with a full report on completion and a quotation of all work required.
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