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Electric Heaters Installation Nottingham

Installing, replacing, and repairing an electrical tower rail in Nottingham is often seen as a great challenge! More specifically, because finding a qualified professional whom you can trust for an excellent job seems daunting! We know just that, and that is why at Urgent Electrical Services Limited, we’ve got you covered with all the requirements when it comes to the installation and repair of electric heaters and tower rails.

Our experienced teams of professionals with industry expertise can make the whole daunting process more convenient and professional.

Storage Heater Repair Services


A storage heater is an electrical heater that heats your home or workplace with the aid of thermal energy stored in the heater, and produced by heating ceramic bricks within the heater. These bricks are built into the heater and can be heated overnight, allowing you to heat your home or workplace throughout the day.

Storage heaters can be the primary heat source in your home or office or only an addition to your central heating system. Either way, a storage heater is an essential element within your heating system and requires regular servicing and immediate repairs once you notice any faults with your heater.

Cost-efficient Electrical Heating 

For every homeowner, keeping the cost of commodities like gas and electricity bills is quite important, and essential for the proper running of the home. Having electric radiators installed is not just cost-effective in the long run, but it is also eco-friendly.

Unlike a boiler-based heating system where energy can easily escape through the fuel, more than 98% of the electricity used to power electric tower rails or an electrical heating system, is easily converted into heat. This ensures that no energy is wasted. In other words, less energy is only required to run an electric tower rail. They are also effective in controlling the temperature level in different rooms, and at an individual level, which ensures that the long term running cost of an electric heater is reduced to the barest minimum.

Appliance reliability 


While electrical heating systems are cost and energy-efficient, they also offer additional benefits to homeowners, including hassle-free and stress-free usage. They do not require the laying of any pipework, and as long as there are enough power points during installations.

The absence of pipework ensures that the day to day maintenance of this heating system is not only cost-effective but it is straight forward. More so, since there are no moving parts, there is a limit to the breakdown of this home fitting. Generally, electric heating is known to last longer than their gas counterparts, especially when they are maintained and properly installed by professionals.

If you are considering the installation of an electric tower rail, look no further than Urgent Electrical Services Limited, with our experts working on the installation, you can be guaranteed reliable, cost-friendly pricing system, professional and excellent service delivery. We never fail to provide exceptionally

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